Friday, December 9


Ok- so I have not posted in FOREVER.  That's because I have been SUPER busy making some big changes. [still a work in progress]

Aside from being crazy busy since we brought home our newest baby JUSTICE [it's almost been a year!]...I've been busy re-organizing my life just a bit.

BOTTOM LINE:  I have had an EPIPHANY. [ that's an AH-HA MOMENT FOLKS...] about my life.  My life and what I want to do with the rest of it. [I am after all....ALMOST 50!]

I have decided that aside from being a wife and a mom and a creative/artsy type and a blogger... I want to be a PHOTOGRAPHER. Really.  Like in REAL LIFE.  And so...I will be.  I am.

With ALL OF THAT being said...This blog is MOVING.'s name has changed. 

The new name of my blog AND my Photography business is:

[e•piph•a•ny].  Born [as I have briefly mentioned...] out of an ah-ha moment. AND oh...
 beside the fact that the word epiphany means to have an ah-h moment, a moment of clarity, a realization of truth...

There is the the whole Day of Epiphany which is the celebration of the manifestation Jesus Christ. {celebrated on January 6th!- which just so happens to be MY BIRTHDAY!!!  IT'S A SIGN!!!! Whoo-hoo!

So...there you have it.  I am off. and  RUNNING [not walking] to pursue my true passions in life.  Follow me is you wish [I sure hope you want to!]




Friday, June 3

Oh Cupcake!

Photo Credit:

May was a big birthday month at our house. Mr. Right hit the big 5-0 {fifty!}, Kyle crossed the 21year milestone mark {yes...I feel old!} AND we celebrate the munchkin's 3rd birthday this weekend!..Her first Birthday at home! {which makes it pretty darn special indeed.}

With all these birthdays, I have been making a lot of cupcakes. After all, cupcakes are all the rave these days.  Cupcakes are the popular choice for every celebration from weddings to birthdays and everything in between.  From simple to extravagant....Cupcakes are where it's at.  So...I thought it high time I get on board {yet another train}

Now..don't get too excited.  My cupcakes {while very yummy if I do say so myself}are far from fancy or extravagant. {Maybe I'll work on fancy next year}

I first fell IN LOVE with the new gourmet cupcakes while in Austin.  We stopped at this cool retro place called HEY CUPCAKE and let me tell you...those cupcakes are "to die for" {I usually don't like to use the to die for comment..but this time...I've gotta make the exception. They are THAT good.}

Since I discovered HEY CUPCAKE, I've noticed that cupcake places are popping up everywhere. AND..{of course} There are even reality shows about cupcakes and the cupcake business which is BIG BUSINESS by the way.  Who would have thunk it? {I wish I would have I can tell you that much}

Anyway...there is a ton of information out there on cupcakes.  Recipes, how-to's, even video tutorials on how to bake, frost and decorate cupcakes.  Theme cupcakes are really popular. Except, I really don't like the one's that look just like spaghetti or a hamburger. Ewww.  No thanks. 

All this being said...I am actually about to frost about 75 cupcakes. We've got chocolate-chocolate, Pretty-in-pink and Cream Cheese Delight.  And although they are not all that fancy...I'm hoping they will still be a hit at the munchkin's bday bash tomorrow...

Stay tuned.

Friday, May 27

My New Best Friend

Yep!  That's right!  My newest best friend in the whole wide world is: S-P-A-N-X!  Seriously...if you have not jumped on the Spanx train yet...let me tell you- It's high time!   Spanx are my new best friend and they will be  yours too! {Note: I don't get anything for this "review"...This comes straight from my heart on the house from me to you}

Bottom{no pun intended} line...I am stretching  myself a bit here... I mean, it's not everyday that I blog about about my underpants..  The thing is...Spanx is too good of a beauty secret to keep secret. is the skinny {pun intended}  I am a jeans girl from way back.  And while I was more than happy to see the old "Mom Jeans" go...I do have one issue with the low rise jeans we wear today. In a word..."muffin-top."

There, I've said it.  Muffin Top. I have one {although I am happy to report it is shrinking!} and I know {because I have eyes} that I am not alone.  Muffin tops are a world wide fashion crisis. Spanx offers a solution.

I bought my Spanx at Dillard's {$36+ tax} last weekend while out shopping with my girls.  And after staring at them sitting on my dresser for a few days- yesterday I took them out for a spin.  And...I LOVE THEM!

I wore them with a pair of very low rise jeans and a fitted Gap T-Shirt.  And I must say...I was super excited at the result.  I looked REALLY GOOD! {if I do say so myself}  Smooth.  No muffin top.  And I looked thinner too.  REALLY.

I thought I would be uncomfortable, but not at all. was 100 degrees yesterday here in Texas so that's gotta tell you something.

It used to be if you  wanted/needed to wear an undergarment that actually helped you look better- they were super UGLY and super UNCOMFROTABLE.  Well...those days are OVER .

Spanx are in most high end department stores {Nordstrom, Macy's, Dillard's and the like}  but I would check out the website because they've got a larger selection of products, sizes and colors. They have got bras and panties and slips and even swim suits!!!

And..while I was on the Spanx website today I noticed there is FREE shipping thru June..Another great reason to shop online!  FREE SHIPPING.

So there you have new bff.  SPANX.  Trust me on this one girls..your gonna love 'em too!  Now go out and get you some!  You will thank me.

Monday, May 23

Tattoos. 21. Prom. {Don't Blink}

{one} 1

A Tattoo or two..

Yep.  I did it.  I finally did it.  I've been wanting these tattoos for years.  The one on my foot is:  Joshua 1:9.  This verse was my key verse when I went to Ethiopia to pick up our Daughter, Justice.  She and I were in Ethiopia for 6 weeks. This tattoo reminds me that my God has always been and will always be with me wherever I go.  AND that I am to be BOLD and COURAGEOUS and NOT DISCOURAGED as I move through my life.

"Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go.” Joshua 1:9

The tattoo on my wrist says: LIVE IN THE MOMENT {in Hebrew}  This Tattoo will serve as a reminder everyday- all day to be present.  To live in the present moment fully. Not to miss the moment. Each moment. I need reminding not to get too far ahead or stuck in the things of the past.  I've only had it for two days and it's working already!  I love it!

Two {2}

Big 21 {and his sweet girl}

Our Son Kyle celebrated his BIG 21 this weekend.  And I'm not going to lie..I'm feeling it just a tad.  I mean..REALLY!?  How did this happen?  It's crazy-INSANE how fast the years go by.  Makes me even my resolute in my quest to LIVE IN THE MOMENT...because {this is for all you Mommy's of little one's out there....} all the moments, as they string together soon will add up to 21 years and counting in a blink of an eye. DON'T "BLINK".

Three {3}

Jr. Prom-2011

Less than 17 years ago- this "little" girl wasn't even walking.  Now...she is a beautiful, smart, compassionate {and very tall!} women.  I took this shot the day of her Jr. Prom {two weeks ago already.....}  Before we know it, we will be shopping for her Sr. Prom dress.  Another reason not to "blink"

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