Friday, May 27

My New Best Friend

Yep!  That's right!  My newest best friend in the whole wide world is: S-P-A-N-X!  Seriously...if you have not jumped on the Spanx train yet...let me tell you- It's high time!   Spanx are my new best friend and they will be  yours too! {Note: I don't get anything for this "review"...This comes straight from my heart on the house from me to you}

Bottom{no pun intended} line...I am stretching  myself a bit here... I mean, it's not everyday that I blog about about my underpants..  The thing is...Spanx is too good of a beauty secret to keep secret. is the skinny {pun intended}  I am a jeans girl from way back.  And while I was more than happy to see the old "Mom Jeans" go...I do have one issue with the low rise jeans we wear today. In a word..."muffin-top."

There, I've said it.  Muffin Top. I have one {although I am happy to report it is shrinking!} and I know {because I have eyes} that I am not alone.  Muffin tops are a world wide fashion crisis. Spanx offers a solution.

I bought my Spanx at Dillard's {$36+ tax} last weekend while out shopping with my girls.  And after staring at them sitting on my dresser for a few days- yesterday I took them out for a spin.  And...I LOVE THEM!

I wore them with a pair of very low rise jeans and a fitted Gap T-Shirt.  And I must say...I was super excited at the result.  I looked REALLY GOOD! {if I do say so myself}  Smooth.  No muffin top.  And I looked thinner too.  REALLY.

I thought I would be uncomfortable, but not at all. was 100 degrees yesterday here in Texas so that's gotta tell you something.

It used to be if you  wanted/needed to wear an undergarment that actually helped you look better- they were super UGLY and super UNCOMFROTABLE.  Well...those days are OVER .

Spanx are in most high end department stores {Nordstrom, Macy's, Dillard's and the like}  but I would check out the website because they've got a larger selection of products, sizes and colors. They have got bras and panties and slips and even swim suits!!!

And..while I was on the Spanx website today I noticed there is FREE shipping thru June..Another great reason to shop online!  FREE SHIPPING.

So there you have new bff.  SPANX.  Trust me on this one girls..your gonna love 'em too!  Now go out and get you some!  You will thank me.


  1. Well you have convinced me, I need some Spanx!

  2. I love you Spanx. Thank you for holding in that post-birth momma gut that seems to just be skin and water, flapping along. One suggestion: add some sort of air conditioners. Spanx, you make me sweaty!

    brittany @