Friday, June 3

Oh Cupcake!

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May was a big birthday month at our house. Mr. Right hit the big 5-0 {fifty!}, Kyle crossed the 21year milestone mark {yes...I feel old!} AND we celebrate the munchkin's 3rd birthday this weekend!..Her first Birthday at home! {which makes it pretty darn special indeed.}

With all these birthdays, I have been making a lot of cupcakes. After all, cupcakes are all the rave these days.  Cupcakes are the popular choice for every celebration from weddings to birthdays and everything in between.  From simple to extravagant....Cupcakes are where it's at.  So...I thought it high time I get on board {yet another train}

Now..don't get too excited.  My cupcakes {while very yummy if I do say so myself}are far from fancy or extravagant. {Maybe I'll work on fancy next year}

I first fell IN LOVE with the new gourmet cupcakes while in Austin.  We stopped at this cool retro place called HEY CUPCAKE and let me tell you...those cupcakes are "to die for" {I usually don't like to use the to die for comment..but this time...I've gotta make the exception. They are THAT good.}

Since I discovered HEY CUPCAKE, I've noticed that cupcake places are popping up everywhere. AND..{of course} There are even reality shows about cupcakes and the cupcake business which is BIG BUSINESS by the way.  Who would have thunk it? {I wish I would have I can tell you that much}

Anyway...there is a ton of information out there on cupcakes.  Recipes, how-to's, even video tutorials on how to bake, frost and decorate cupcakes.  Theme cupcakes are really popular. Except, I really don't like the one's that look just like spaghetti or a hamburger. Ewww.  No thanks. 

All this being said...I am actually about to frost about 75 cupcakes. We've got chocolate-chocolate, Pretty-in-pink and Cream Cheese Delight.  And although they are not all that fancy...I'm hoping they will still be a hit at the munchkin's bday bash tomorrow...

Stay tuned.


  1. I love cupcakes and it's one of Abby's favorite things to help me bake. Mine are anything but fancy but they are still pretty decent taste wise. I bet yours are yummy. And 75 of them, cupcake heaven! May is a big Birthday month for us too.

  2. You are some kind of dedicated to frost 75 cupcakes! Have fun!

    Kathleen@ CeliacBaby!

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